A special feature by John Salazar When you think of racing games, you’ll likely think of cars – and that makes sense. A lot of... Off-season: The Best Motorcycle Games To Scratch That Racing Itch

A special feature by John Salazar

When you think of racing games, you’ll likely think of cars – and that makes sense. A lot of the more popular and older racing games of the time have been about cars, after all. This doesn’t mean that motorcycles have been totally left out, though. In fact, there are actually a ton of great motorcycle games out there that can scratch your itch to race in a track, a city… or in a post-apocalyptic Earth. In this list are just some of the most remarkable motorcycle games that can definitely revive your love for motorcycle racing. Or if you’re already a motorcycle racing gamer, you might want to try out these amazing titles.

1 – Urban Trial Freestyle

Urban Trial Freestyle lets you enjoy trick racing with awesome rides. If you’re tired with conventional motorcycle racing, Urban Trial Freestyle lets you transform an entire city into your trick playground. This game focuses on letting you form tricks with your motorcycle anywhere you go. As such, this game actually helps you do supermen, wallrides, 360 flips, backflips, and other jaw-dropping tricks you’d normally see pros do on television. And honestly, nothing’s more fulfilling than getting that trick just right before you hit the ground. This is perfect for motorcycle fans who want to play motorcycle games that don’t just replicate races, but also replicate the feeling of street racing.

    • For a USD 10 game, Urban Trial Freestyle just have a ton of things to offer. The game lets you customize your ride to some extent, and tinker around with controls to make sure you get just the right amount of “oomph” whenever you ride across the city. Perhaps the most interesting element here is how you’ll be adjusting to a fully 3D environment, as you no longer have to “move forward” to race. Rather, you need to make use of the full environment to your advantage. 
    • You have a ton of game modes to choose from, each allowing you to explore parts of the city with your bike. The massive replayability of this game will make you come back for more. Thing is, you do need to watch out for cops across these modes as you might just get caught… or will you? 

2 – Grand Theft Auto Online: Bikers DLC

Grand Theft Auto Online: Bikers DLC put motorcycle mayhem in the spotlight. Players of action games like Grand Theft Auto (GTA) for its emphasis on crazy antics in an open world. Racing game players, however, love GTA for its loose vehicle controls paired with stunt mini-games. So when GTA Online was released, fans went wild with its multiplayer feature. And for racing games, the Bikers DLC is a dream come true. In this DLC are a ton of new bike models for players to choose from, alongside entire tracks dedicated for crazy racing, as well as fleshed out driving mechanics.

    • The new mechanics allowed players to control their motorbikes with the same set of buttons, but now with improved handling and maneuverability. This allows players to have better control of their bikes during stunts and in intense speeds. For a game with casual controls, this is a huge bonus.
    • An entire expansion pack called Lost and Damned for GTA IV featured a biker-centric story. In this expansion, players are taken inside the life of Johnny Klebitz, a gang leader with a rather peculiar life story. This story allowed players to form a deeper connection to the overall lore of the game, and not just play a game with “more motorcycles.”

3 – MotoGP 17

  • MotoGP 17 gets you competing in actual campaigns. If you’ve ever watched any motorsport match on television, you’d likely have wanted to be in the place of those drivers. Imagine wearing those skin-tight outfits and riding those awesome machines. It should be an exhilarating feeling for them, right? Thankfully, this 2017 title lets you fill in their shoes in this thrilling racing title. MotoGP 17 gives players a wide variety of bikes and realistic tracks to race on. Not to mention, it’s immersive campaign mode also lets you become a pro racer – something not all games in this genre get to offer.

    • This game is perhaps one of the most realistic motorcycle games in the market. Regardless of your platform – be it the PC, Xbox One, or PS4 – MotoGP just looks gorgeous and extremely pleasing to the eyes. This, coupled with its easy-to-understand mechanics, lets you enjoy the thrill of the ride but still being challenged enough to dominate the track.
    • MotoGP 17’s biggest appeal perhaps lies in its campaign mode. This MotoGP title allows players to not just compete as a pro racer, but also manage an entire team throughout the course of a professional season. This means players will have another “look” at the professional motorcycle racing scene with schedules, bike modifications, and other immersive elements. 


4 – MotorStorm: Apocalypse

MotorStorm: Apocalypse ramps up the thrill level to maximum. If you’re looking for a unique racing experience, why settle for an ordinary motorcycle racer when you can race against monster trucks and cars… during the apocalypse? MotorStorm Apocalypse is a spectacular 2011 racer that adds the thrill of natural disasters to racing mechanics. This makes MotorStorm quite a unique entry in this list. Why, instead of just racing in an ordinary track, you can control just how insane they get throughout the course of the race. You want tornadoes? Check. You want earthquakes? Check. If you’re thinking of what life might be like in the apocalypse, MotorStorm: Apocalypse gives you a good preview… at least, from the crazy racing perspective.

    • This 2011 title is a PlayStation 3 exclusive, which can be a bummer for some console owners. However, if you do get the chance to buy this game, it’s definitely an older game that’s worth the replay. The sheer versatility and randomness of natural disasters can make any race wild and entertaining, no matter how many times you play.
    • The game doesn’t just feature motorbikes. You can also choose ordinary cars, off-road vehicles like monster trucks, and an assortment of rides to play. In terms of motorcycles, MotorStorm allows you to appreciate the light weight of the machines while still offering simple mechanics. This makes for a mean combination, as your handling will be tested by the game.

5 – Road Redemption

Road Redemption gives you weapons in awesome tire-to-tire action. Who says racing games strictly have to be racers? If you’re not keen into natural disasters as a gaming element, perhaps you might be interested in fighting opponents while riding motorcycles? Road Redemption takes this crazy concept and builds quite an action-packed game in the process. In this game, you’re a rider in post-apocalyptic America that’s out for blood – well, cash – as you and other opponents race to capture bounties.

    • This game acts like your typical motorcycle racing game, except this time you have additional mechanics such as weapons handling and obstacles. These mechanics, coupled with straightforward motorcycle handling, can make for a chill game that can become challenging given the right circumstances.
    • The game is replayable regardless of whether you’re playing single player or multiplayer. As a standalone title, you face off AI racers in your quest to hunt a weapons cartel assassin with a USD 15-million bounty. In multiplayer, you can face off other players around the world in crazy bike-to-bike action.


The Best Motorcycle Games: Simulate the Thrill of Races – On and off the Track

If anything, we haven’t exactly run out of interesting motorcycle games in the market. However, finding the games that are right for your tastes can be tricky. As with the above list, motorcycle games tend to be extremely diverse and unique with their offerings. So it’s really no surprise that a lot of the entries in the list above tend to be very different from each other, or have certain “selling points” that make their titles unique. And this might be the ultimate thrill of motorcycle games – outside the races, these games also simulate just how fun and thrilling it could be to handle a motorcycle and its appearance, changing and switching up the tracks, and constantly pulling off the craziest stunts.


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