Bradley Smith – Friday Quotes – Czech GP, Brno
“I think that this was the ideal way to return to action. After two weeks off I needed to get back on the Aprilia, and what better way to do so than with the best time of the day? An hour without rain was fantastic to have, because it... Read more
1. Smith (Aprilia) 2min 9.211sec2. Marquez (KTM) +0.113sec3. Simon (Aprilia) +0.198sec4. Terol (Aprilia) +0.299sec5. Gadea (Aprilia) +0.407sec6. Cortese (Derbi) +0.523sec7. Iannone (Aprilia) +1.008sec8. Bradl (Aprilia) +1.094sec9. Espargaro (Derbi) +1.134sec10. Redding (Aprilia) +1.190sec 33. Webb (Aprilia) +5.348sec Read more
Bradley Smith – Brno Preview
“I’m hoping for a positive race in Brno, I’m extremely determined to make it a good result after the crashes at Sachsenring and Donington. Brno is a technical and wide track, with ample opportunities for overtaking. In the 125s it will be difficult to escape because it’s another long... Read more
Exclusive Danny Webb Interview nicked a few minutes with Danny Webb this morning to chat with him ahead of his home race about his season so far, his team, and his handlebar bashing with another 125Brit, Scott Redding…. How’s the season gone so far?It’s been difficult. We’ve had quite a few problems with... Read more
With preseason and the season itself we’re talking about ten months of intense activity. Do you have a long-term training plan?In preseason I do basic training, in other words long but intense continuous sessions with a low but progressive heart rate. Normally when we start competing in April or... Read more
Bradley Reflects On Disappointing German GP
“It seems like I shouldn’t have got out of bed this morning. It is disappointing that I had such a good weekend end like this, but I think that the warmup crash affected us. I don’t think that the front tyre had got up to temperature. That’s why I... Read more
Bradley Looks Forward To Assen
“After finishing eighth at Montmeló I’m looking forward to getting to Assen and fighting for a top finish. It wasn’t a bad result and I’m still only a point and a half behind Julito but I was left with a bittersweet taste after that race. We have to think... Read more
1. Simon (Aprilia) 1min 51.4482. Espargaro (Derbi) +0.020sec3. Folger (Aprilia) +0.339sec4. Krummenacher (Aprilia) +0.356sec5. Gadea (Aprilia) +0.376sec6. Terol (Aprilia) +0.510sec7. Smith (Aprilia) +0.761sec8. Iannone (Aprilia) +0.936sec9. Bradl (Aprilia) +0.984sec10. Redding (Aprilia) +1.088sec11. Webb (Aprilia) +1.100sec Read more