125cc Brits Pre-Qatar Promo!!
1. Bradley SMITH APRILIA 2:06.9082. Andrea IANNONE APRILIA 2:07.0213. Sandro CORTESE DERBI 2:07.0904. Scott REDDING APRILIA 2:07.4645. Marc MARQUEZ KTM 2:07.7516. Jonas FOLGER APRILIA 2:07.8567. Lorenzo ZANETTI APRILIA 2:08.0348. Takaaki NAKAGAMI APRILIA 2:08.1089. Sergio GADEA APRILIA 2:08.25010. Pol ESPARGARO DERBI 2:08.29611. Danny WEBB APRILIA 2:08.424…26. Matthew HOYLE HAOJUE 2:14.758 Read more
125cc 1. Bradley SMITH APRILIA 2:06.5682. Andrea IANNONE APRILIA 2:06.7083. Julian SIMON APRILIA 2:07.0424. Sergio GADEA APRILIA 2:07.8435. Joan OLIVE DERBI 2:08.0626. Jonas FOLGER APRILIA 2:08.3917. Sandro CORTESE DERBI 2:08.5028. Pol ESPARGARO DERBI 2:08.5319. Esteve RABAT APRILIA 2:08.61710. Randy KRUMMENACHER APRILIA 2:08.78311. Scott REDDING APRILIA 2:08.98523. Matthew HOYLE HAOJUE 2:17.277 Read more
British 125gp world title hopeful Bradley Smith has tried to challenge Formula One world champion Lewis Hamilton to a motocross battle.The Aspar Aprilia rider met the McLaren driver during a recent pre-season f1 test in Barcelona while he was training at randy mamola’s house. The 18-year-old told MCN: “He is... Read more
Session 1 1 Julian SIMON (APRILIA) 1:47.5202 Marc MARQUEZ (KTM) 1:47.6253 Bradley SMITH (APRILIA) 125cc 1:47.6924 Pol ESPARGARO (DERBI) 1:47.9205 Andrea IANNONE (APRILIA) 1:47.9296 Takaaki NAKAGAMI (APRILIA) 1:47.9837 Sandro CORTESE (DERBI) 1:48.0238 Efren VAZQUEZ (DERBI) 1:48.3229 Joan OLIVE (DERBI) 1:48.36410 Sergio GADEA (APRILIA) 1:48.53212 Scott REDDING (APRILIA) 1:48.59014 Danny WEBB... Read more
Session 1 1 Andrea IANNONE (APRILIA) 1:48.134 2 Julian SIMON (APRILIA)1:48.294 3 Marc MARQUEZ (KTM) 1:48.621 4 Pol ESPARGARO (DERBI) 1:48.898 5 Sergio GADEA (APRILIA) 1:49.142 6 Dominique AEGERTER (DERBI) 1:49.144 7 Joan OLIVE (DERBI) 1:49.202 8 Sandro CORTESE (DERBI) 1:49.230 9 Scott REDDING (APRILIA) 1:49.359 10 Efren VAZQUEZ... Read more
Blusens Aprilia Team Manager Ricard Jové has recruited Spanish youngster Esteve Rabat to ride alongside Scott Redding this year and the team’s preparations for the 2009 World Championship are going well. After another successful preseason test at Estoril earlier this week the team move on to the forthcoming Jerez and... Read more
Estoril Test: Quotes Scott Redding & Danny Webb
Concluding the 3-day test in Estoril, Danny Webb and now red-haired Scott Redding gave their thoughts on the test and their preseason process. Danny Webb: “This wasn’t the best day of the test here at Estoril. We struggled in the morning with the set-up of the engine but at the... Read more