Dakar 2018: Rest Day Report
Words: Georgia Wells Images: Dakar/ASO The riders have reached the half way point of this year’s rally, and the long awaited Rest Day. The trials and tribulations of an incredibly arduous first week, which led KTM’s Matthias Walkner to describe it as “the hardest Dakar ever”, can finally be put to... Read more
Dakar 2018, Stage 6 report: “Freezing Stage, Warm Welcome”
Route: Arequipa – La Paz Liaison: MODIFIED Special: 194km Total: N/A Terrain: Dirt tracks (91%). Words: Georgia Wells Images: Dakar/ASO/HRC/KTM Images/PhotosDakar.com As the riders prepared for yet another extremely long day on the attack they were handed a life line. The start of the special, which rose to a vertiginous 4800m, was cancelled for the... Read more
Dakar 2018 Stage 5 report: “Struggling Through Quicksand”
Route: San Juan de Marcona – Arequipa Liaison: 487km Special: 264km Total: 751km Terrain: Mixed; sand (84%), hardpack. Words: Georgia Wells Images: Dakar/ASO/HRC/KTM Images/PhotosDakar.com The run to Arequipa in southern Peru is one of the most magnificent routes of the Dakar’s 10 year history in South America. The fascinating Nazca Lines aren’t far from the... Read more
Dakar 2018, Stage 4 report: “The Dakar Claims Its First Big Name”
Route: San Juan de Marcona – San Juan de Marcona Liaison: 114km Special: 330km Total: 444km Terrain: Mixed; sand/rocks/hardpack Words: Georgia Wells Images: Dakar/ASO/Laia Sanz/VBA Stage 4’s loop from San Juan de Marcona and back again proved to be just as tough as promised – and then some! The daunting 444km day really took it... Read more
Dakar 2018, Stage 3 report: “Sunderland Stuns in the Sand”
Route: Pisco – San Juan de Marcona. Liaison: 203km Special: 295km Total: 502km Terrain: Sand/Canyons. Words: Georgia Wells Images: Dakar/ASO/HRC The third stage of the 2018 Dakar Rally saw a big shake-up in the results, serious time lost for some of the main contenders, and an extremely challenging day of riding. The 5am start was... Read more
Dakar Rally 2018, Stage 2 report: ‘Bang Bang’ raises the bar
Route: Pisco – Pisco. Liaison: 12km Special: 267km Total: 279km Terrain: 65% sand. Words: Georgia Wells Images: dakar.com / HRC Stage 2 of the world’s toughest rally race saw the riders cover almost the same distance as on Stage 1, but with one crucial difference; this time around the liaison was a measly 12km and... Read more
Dakar Rally 2018, Stage 1 Report: “In at the deep end”
Route: Lima – Pisco Liaison: 241km Special: 31km Total: 272km Terrain: 100% sand Words: Georgia Wells Images: dakar.com/Joaquim Rodrigues/Pablo Quintanilla As promised, the opening stage of the 2018 Dakar Rally, threw the competitors in at the deep end and provided plenty of intrigue. Despite the lively welcome from fans in Peru’s capital, and the trip across... Read more
Ready For The Off! Dakar 2018 Preview
Words: Georgia Wells Photos: dakar.com The 40th edition of the biggest, and perhaps most infamous, off-road event in the world will begin tomorrow, January the 6th. The 2018 Dakar Rally is set to be one of the most challenging of recent years with several all-new stages, some relentlessly long days,... Read more